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In 2001, Vilma Danke got very sick and didn't have much hope for her health.  As a surprise gift, Danke's family decided to design, print, and publish her first book "Sueños del Sur "a poems book in Spanish.

After leaving the hospital Danke received her book as a gift and had a quick recovery. She got very motivated to get her second book ready.

Father and Daughter with Sparkler
Dreams from the South 


Poems Book in Spanish. Danke writes about her experiences in Chile and USA using poems to express her feelings.

Portion of Life / Portion of Life


Porcion de Vida, book is Spanish. Danke is narrating her experiences with Christian people. The miracles, blessings, and learning experiences in the believer's journal.

Shoe Box 


This book will be ready in...

Who was Jacob?


Vilma's memories of her father, the Chilean writer, Jacobo Danke

This book will be ready in ...

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