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Vilma Danke was born in Santiago, Chile in 1931. Her father was the writer Jacobo Danke.

His life from a very young age focused on art.

In her teens she won many competitions as a writer and poet.

She then dedicated herself to being a wife and mother for 33 years. Even so, he dedicated himself to painting copies of the paintings of the artist Arturo Pacheco Altamirano on the tablecloths of his house.

After being widowed, Danke left Chile to settle in the United States. For many years he devoted himself to his local church and wrote in the weekly bulletin. Danke spent every Monday leading the prayer group, women's activities, and learning theology before graduating with a master's degree in theology in 2008.

In 2001, Danke published his first book of poems "Sueños del Sur"

In 2003, Danke published his second book of true stories "Experiences and Testimonies"

In 2005, Danke had a dream that he would have a radio station and that he would be able to reach many people with the Gospel. Months later,  in August 2005, Danke inaugurated Radio Puente.

Upon turning 70, he decided to begin painting landscapes in oil. Since then he has painted more than 300 paintings. Danke always said, "It's never too late to start over."

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